5 Feb

Have you heard this word, this “tintinnabulation”? Got any idea of what it means?

Well, if you guessed that it means “an evasion of straightforward action”, you’d be wrong, because that’s actually the definition of the word “tergiversation”. Why would you think that, you weirdo?

According to the Online Merriam-Webster (which also offers a nifty audio pronunciation guide), tintinnabulation means:

1: the ringing or sounding of bells
2: a jingling or tinkling sound as if of bells.

I came across this word in Every Last One, by Anna Quindlen, which I’ll be reviewing soon. It read:

And in an instant, just an instant, with the slamming of screen doors and the crunch of car wheels on gravel and the tintinnabulation of silver on china, our house is that house once more – the house where the kids come, and go, and come again.

So now you know.


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