20 Feb

It’s such a pretty sounding word, ephemeral. It’s all soft and rounded, like an Italian actress from the days of yore (well, it’s probably just because it sounds similar to ‘feminine’, but whatevs).

Anyway, Sophia Loren comparisons aside, what the hell does it mean? I’m glad you asked, ignorant internet user*.

Ephemeral, according to the Oxford dictionary online, means:

lasting a very short time

It comes from the Greek ephemeron, a noun used to describe plants that would last only a day before dying, or insects with a very short lifespan.

From this we also get ephemera, which is, apparently, a noun (plural) used to describe “things that exist or are used or enjoyed for only a short time”, which pretty much encapsulates 95% of the items sold in souvenir shops.

* I am one of these ignorant internet users, as I didn’t know what this word meant and had to look it up when Miss Emma asked me about it. We can all learn together! Let’s not make this website ephemeral, okay?!


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