Stuff (that) Mel gives me

18 Jul

How does one feel when one’s friend starts a blog populated solely by items one has emailed to that friend in the past? Flattered, sure. And a bit weird, to be honest. And thirsty, definitely thirsty. Where's the blog of the stuff I've emailed YOU, huh?

My friend Shaun (of the now possibly defunct Popcorn and Wine blog, and the definitely defunct blog I could have sworn was called Random Ramblings, but I can’t find any remnants of it anywhere so maybe not) has started a blog called ‘Stuff that Mel gives me’*. Over the years I’ve apparently emailed him hundreds of links to videos, images, articles and whatever else can be found on the internet. I thought he would have been giving them a perfunctory glance before sending them to the trash, but it seems he’s been saving these emails and links, and is now showcasing some of them on the blog.

I love the idea. Like everyone else, I send links to my friends with the hope that they laugh or cry or are enlightened by the content. But it’s also a bit nerve wracking – after all, every time I send a random link to someone I have a mini moment of “What if they hate it and they lose whatever respect they had for me?” Now, with this blog, EVERYONE IN THE WORLD CAN LOSE THEIR RESPECT FOR ME. Exciting times, people, exciting times.

Of course, it also totally appeals to the narcissist in me – I naturally have impeccable taste and want everyone to see the wonders I’ve curated from the world wide web (albeit filtered through what I thought Shaun would like, then what he chooses to post on the blog).

You should totally bookmark the site, sign up to email updates or add it to your RSS feed right now… after all, with Shaun’s record, it seems this blog may not last long.

*The blog itself is titled ‘Stuff that Mel gives me’, but the address reads ‘Stuff Mel gives me’. The inconsistency is troubling in itself, but it’s also not factually correct – it would be much better if it was ‘Stuff Mel has sent me links to’ or ‘Stuff Mel has directed me to on the internet’. Catchy, no? Anyway, Shaun is aware of this, and I’m sure his next blog will be named in a more correct manner. We can all relax.


4 Responses to “Stuff (that) Mel gives me”

  1. shaunthompson July 18, 2011 at 11:41 pm #

    Nice. In the end, I won’t be a filter on what you’ve sent – it’ll all be up there eventually.

    Also, note:

    * My first blog, started about five years ago, was called “Various rants”. This title proved to be misleading in several ways. Well, really just one main way. And that is that it has some suggestion of plurality about it, which the contents of the blog never lived up to. I put one post on there and never went back. Until tonight. And now you all can too:

    Wasn’t I an angry angry young man? Iraq and green zones and such. Chill out, 28 year old Shaun. Christ.

    * My film review blog MAY be defunct, but on the other hand, I do want to go back to it one day. I’m going to call it hiatus. Hiatus sounds much better than defunct. Be it known that I still get several readers a day, despite that fact that it is defun- … on hiatus. And the entry “David Fincher: An analysis” is always the one that people seem to read. So, I’m guessing that my readership is now completely made up of lazy undergrads whom were just given a take home in their film studies class, and decided to let google (and me) do their hard work for them. What a nasty surprise they must get when they arrive at the pile of wank that is my discussion.

  2. shaunthompson July 18, 2011 at 11:45 pm #

    The “whom” in my comment should totally be a “who”. God damn it.

  3. Dan July 19, 2011 at 2:42 am #

    I’ve heard of news aggregators but this is a Melagragator. I’m both impressed and disturbed.

  4. Richard Thomas July 19, 2011 at 8:34 am #

    I have several friends whose links and emails are being aggregated by the good folks at…

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