Any new books?

25 Jul

[I realise this blog has been pretty light on book reviews lately (well, pretty light on everything except my pleas for sponsorship), but I promise to get reviewing again soon. Seriously! Maybe if you sponsor me I’ll get back to it even sooner?]

If you’re like me, a trip to the bookstore (remember those quaint little retail spaces?) or even an online bookshop can be confusing – and, quite frankly, daunting. I wander around, committing the ultimate sin of judging books by their covers (and blurbs), hoping I stumble across something decent. Sure, there are authors I know are pretty much safe bets, and on rare occasions I do actually have a book in mind when I head in, but for the most part it’s a bit hit and miss.

Which is why I want to introduce you to Any New Books?. Any New Books?, meet my cool reader. Don’t worry, he/she is totally awesome, just like you!

So the idea is that you sign up at with your email address, tell the site what genres you’re most interested in, then sit back and wait for the weekly email newsletters that feature a selection of new books from that genre. The email links straight to the books’ pages on Amazon (but the company doesn’t seem to be involved with Amazon in any financial sense – yet).

And this site is why my Amazon wish list is starting to get a liiiittle out of control.

I love that the service is free and that it exposes me to so many books I would never hear of without it. I also really like that there’s a strict editorial policy that means the books are chosen on their own merit, not because of any deals with publishing companies.

Yay for nerdy booklovers! Sign up here!


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