By day, I work as a managing editor of a government-funded national health website. I’m also a journalist and sub-editor with a BA (Communications).

I have grand plans of writing fiction (short stories and, eventually, a novel or three). My writing can also be found, on occasion, at shegoes.com.au.

I live in Sydney’s inner west with my cat.

This site

Can you believe that everything we read and write comes from just 26 letters? All those words, everything we use to describe how we feel and what we think, the way we share what’s in our heads, originates from a tiny group of squiggles.

This is a blog devoted to those squiggles – or, more accurately, what they’re put into. I’ll endeavour to write book reviews, share bad puns, provide definitions of tricky words I come across, and give answers on prickly pronunciation issues.

It’s like a library, but with more wine. And beer. Pull up a chair and use that Danielle Steel book as a coaster; she wouldn’t mind.





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